In order to identify important operational and financial indicators, it is essential to review historical and current data for competitors as well as industry leaders. This creates a framework for future hospital projections and strategies. American Healthcare Solutions’ Benchmarking Services all follow a systematic approach to evaluating, comparing and adopting industry practices. By following Best Practice standards, hospitals are able to reduce cost while simultaneously enhancing quality.

Realizing Realistic Goals

Through a consistent process of measuring services and comparing benchmarks, AHS enables clients to improve upon patient care delivery models and overall operational efficiency. Careful data analysis provides a set of realistic goals that are designed to promote cost savings, increase market share, and result in a greater patient experience.

Benchmarking Services
Financial & Operational Organizational benchmarks are developed against industry leaders and regional competitors based on 80 common financial and operational indicators.
Hospital Trend Reports A three year hospital trend analysis based on DRG and/or MDC is completed and benchmarks are established against regional competitors.
Hospital Performance & Strengths Reports Pricing patterns are examined and detailed information on average reimbursement and cost per case are provided. This analysis determines the strengths of an organization compared to regional peers.
DRG Coding Analysis Facility performance is compared to local, regional, and industrial peers. DRGs with coding anomalies are identified by focusing on DRG pairings.

AHS Benchmarking Services can be applied to many facets of an organization including:

Profitability Indicators
Liquidity Ratios
Capital Structure Ratios
Asset Efficiency Ratios
Volume Indicators
Length of Stay Indicators
Payer Mix Indicators
Price Indicators
Cost Indicators

American Healthcare Solutions

"We contracted with American Healthcare Solutions to help us with our financial turnaround. You have done so much more than that; you have re-invigorated the entire organization. We are now poised to manage the challenges of the future and improve the health for the citizens in our area."

Dr. James L. Reistenberg, DDS
Board Chair, O'Bleness Memorial Hospital

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